Oh Beautiful Death March




(I wrote this a couple of years ago, but am just now sharing it. When I hike long distances, I’m surrounded by the most spectacular scenery, yet I tend to fall into existential worry- and barrage my husband with all my truth and clarity. I like it lots, and hope you do, too!)

4 thoughts on “Oh Beautiful Death March”

  1. I can only speak for myself, but those are the types of thoughts I busy myself day to day to avoid thinking about. It makes sense that they’d come out during a hiking trip though, being in nature tends to bring out perspective.

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  2. I hear ya. My change in thinking isn’t really different while I backpack- it just feels more profound- and silly-while I stare down a canyon or stumble along a glacier. At home, death preoccupation hits worst in deep night- on trail, I’m too tired at the end of the day to worry about anything. 🙂


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