Year of the Dog

(This is a kind of Found Poem using chronologically “found” dialogue from the movie, “Year of the Dog”.)

I hear my dog crying in your yard.

Let’s get plastered!
You need to get laid!
When was the last time you got laid?

What happened to your dog?
He died.
Ah, nuts!
That’s a lot to process: d-e-a-t-h.

I shot her in Wyoming.
I still feel terrible.
That’s why I never keep guns in the house.
Just knives, that’s it.

What is your type? Do you have a type?
My instincts say that you are a very sensitive caring pet owner.
No pressures!

This is Valentine.
I kept him in the pen because he still doesn’t play well with others.
Animals are like us:
they live
for love.

Down Valentine! Down! Down!

Shacking up with dogs-
it’s very political.
You can’t save them all.
Good Boy!
Eyes to me!

I’ve always had better relationships with animals
and that’s why I’m a Vegan:
humane and sane
tofu chop
veggie pizza
there’s no milk, butter or animal product in them.
I’m doing it for animal reasons!

Do you think you could get him to quiet down?
The one that died in your yard?

I got another one for you….
you have been running around here like Mary-Pippin-Poppins or something.
Have you slept together?
You made out?
…I’m celibate, basically anyway, so that’s beside the point.


If you want to find someone else
to train Valentine,
I totally understand.

(We might see Babe today, a real Babe!
they fell out of a truck, and it’s a good thing, too
-they might’ve been somebody’s lunch.
And there is a hell just one mile up the road.
That’s a reality and we can’t ignore it.
Life isn’t like Babe.)

Valentine killed Buttons!

It’s a mess back there, don’t go back there.
You have to put a dog like that down.
I want every dog you’re gonna euthanize tonight.

She’s traumatized.
She will not eat a ham sandwich.
She wanted to thank me for my generous contribution of $200
to help prevent the clubbing of baby seals
in Canada.
So what were you thinking?
How many dogs do you have in there?

You love animals, dontcha?
So do I- my dogs.
So many kinds of life within this life.
So many things to love.
This is my love; it is mine.
And it compels me on.


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