witness me.

how brief how tragic a death magnet a sun already gone starry eyed with golden red locks of damsel
distress and a need too big to feed greasy spoonfuls of neglect regrettable stains on her bib and dress
fists and facts stack up and fall stack up and fall stack up and crawl somewhere unseen stuck between
a war machine and an apple crisp kiss-


my battered breast beating a song long gone a bird bleeding in a tin cup cage my rage I wage terse battles
of lust and heat swollen meat in a secret place I engage abrupt espionage and wish her frail and failing
falling under some murky madness is it sadness is it an ocean of monstrosity and an island of sand
where I crush and burn a candle to her cheek too weak to point a finger at me-


such clarity such moments of retreat where sunlight calls all the animals to their feet and all the dead
fall back asleep a bitter deep creeping love spilled on the bedsheets and the cracked cliché of linoleum
floors a door where all the animals hang their heads in defeat and sunlight hangs in the open air a fair
price she pays swayed by the wisps of dandelion hair stuck in her gaze amazed-


me betrayed by wretched skin worn out and thin lies of regret beget my misfit deeds embedded seeds
sprouting from the heart on her sleeve a need worming down and under the hem of her dress a mess
between the fists and facts stacked up tall a wall a small bird’s nest where war machines crawl from her
broken baby blue eggs ready to tell to confess a relentless beseechment-

to witness.






12 thoughts on “Witness”

  1. The wordplay throughout this is hypnotic. I liked its cadence. I had to go back through and read it several more times to understand what was happening. Did you intend for the rhythm to come before the words?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Brilliant and powerful piece. Thank you for sharing this! I love how it feels like you’ve taken the reader’s breath away by the flow and the absence of punctuation. Will definitely come back to this a few more times because there’s more to discover.

    Liked by 1 person

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