Sex, fame, charity, arena concerts, music, rockstars, any stars, auto-tuning, being shocking, pretty girls, talent, humour, finding the perfect look to represent who you are, tortured artists, college, plastic surgery, bleached teeth, bleeding hearts, saying “I don’t see color”, expensive cars, expensive anything, cruises, going somewhere significant just to take a picture of yourself in front of it, attraction, happiness, corporate ladders, dance clubs, alcohol, religion, marriage and families, having a cause, having a political viewpoint, being the lead, being the director, being anything, self-help, positive affirmations, romantic love, being brilliant but misunderstood, popularity, having a majority agree with you, gated communities, youth, porn, being a man, playing Survivor while keeping your integrity, cop dramas!, the latest phone, the latest computer, the latest anything, ultimate power, fish, salad with fruit in it, U2, having babies, having everyone like you, fundraisers, marathons, movies that look just like comics, movies that are exactly like the book, singing sensations, calling a skill an art, calling anything art, pop culture, festivals, social networking sites, being a fan, sarcasm, comedians, Lewis Black, classic literature, Prius, recycling, having an opinion, being a critic, sex appeal, do-gooders, generating buzz, branding, individualism, Oprah, the obesity “epidemic”, anyone who says, “What about the children?”, accepting all viewpoints as equal, flags, Filet Mignon, zombies, vampires, pirates, petitions, protests, celebrities with a cause, skinny jeans, any story with a moral lesson, mottos, memes, sticking to an opinion, d.i.n.k., the pledge of allegiance, standing ovations, the first time, autographs, caviar, liberals, Dave Barry, enemas, living as long as possible, going onto a reality show to “be yourself”, mustache jokes, cute cats with bad English, Rush!, security, talking it out, hugging it out, letting it all hang out, nudity, sports, vitamins, Chuck Norris, calling anyone other than a Nazi a Nazi, anyone other than Hitler Hitler, vintage, irony, bumper stickers, self-reference, self-reflection, therapists, low-fat sugar-free no-carb diets, 8 glasses of water, having lots of options, pity, pranks, political correctness, Comedy Central roasts, malls, karaoke, True Blood, Bill Murray…..wait. Bill Murray is fucking awesome. Word.


(An unnecessary, overrated rant for the weekend)


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