Seagulls whitewash the fences.

Hotels rest on platforms above the ocean

lit up like Disneyland, like the pirate ride

right before you’re swept

down to the depths.


Everyone is dressed like they’re at a convention.

Tuxedoed waiters balance silver trays of finger sandwiches

to serve strangers that stare in no direction or

down at their khakis, spying hidden rayon napkins

while patio umbrellas paint a monotone mosaic above.


Otters afloat on their back, shucking clams on their bellies.

Moon shine renders their sleek bodies down to a shiny

metal-liquid color that almost matches the ocean.

Magical mermaid flippers propel jovial bodies backward

cutting V’s into the water. Leaving seaweed contrails.



I sit with my back against all that thin cracked glass.

It stretches too far like it is it’s own land mass.

The blue-black waves roll like belly ache

escaping from a smudgy backdrop horizon

only to foam like spittle at a five-star beach.


The seabirds stand as sentinels on concrete pillars

and parking meters calling out friend or foe

waiting for the next big fish, or French fry dinner.

The big ones sound like they’ve lost their buddy, “Mike? Mike?”

The little ones puff up like hype men, tiny balloons losing air.


A woman in a green beret has binoculars around her neck

And a phone in her hand. She stands next to a sign that says

For public enjoyment, no purchase necessary.

“Is the WiFi free? Is there a password?” she asks the kid

dressed in the casual wealth of privileged youth


who shrugs, bored already.





14 thoughts on “Monterey”

    1. Ha! I’m glad you want to hear more about my day in Monterey 🙂 Seriously, thanks for telling me what you think. That’s what I wanted from Yeah Write when I started a year ago. (Didn’t end up that way, which is fine.) So, you feel I should’ve written a story instead of ‘poetic musings’? I probably could’ve held off on posting this a little longer. Thanks for reading!

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  1. I’ve only been to that area once, too many years ago to count, and your poetic musings describe it to a tee! I will never forget the otters. The juxtaposition between the natural and the human is spot on for this day and age.

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  2. Really liked that – echo what Jennifer said about the nature/human juxtapositions. I liked the seagulls, they seem like you could have an honest chat with them – in contrast to the “strangers that stare in no direction”

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  3. I like the surreality (surrealness? surreal feeling!) here, with the robotic behavior of the waiters and the guests and the unexpected nature descriptors, like the seagulls “whitewashing” a fence and the waves rolling “like belly ache.” I felt like it captures that feeling of disconnect when a vacation spot doesn’t live up to our expectations.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks! Glad you got the robotic stuff. I had a line that I took out, asking, “Isn’t Disneyland supposed to remind me of life, and not the other way around?” It feels like “destinations” have become “attractions” and everything seemed set up; like I could be in line for a ride. 🙂


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