Writing Blog: Life is Risky

Independence Day

*This flash fiction was published by NANO Fiction Issue 10.1 in 2016   What is it about small towns, I wonder, eyeing the girls in daisy dukes, cautionary tales of meth and boredom. It’s Utah. It’s hot. The tow-truck drops us off at a roadside Motel. A dusty parking lot full of cracked up cars.… Continue reading Independence Day

Time Machine

  Remember Tic-Toc, the mechanical man from the Wizard of Oz? (Does Everything But Live.) He had to be wound up to operate, and eventually, his inner workings would slow down like a roulette wheel until he stopped; Stuck inside a frozen body. Looking out through unresponsive eyes; alive, but unmoving. Life in a tin… Continue reading Time Machine

Foster Home #2: The Well Intended Couple

*This is an excerpt from a longer essay titled, "Into the System." (W.I.P.)   They live in a rich community, and they can’t get pregnant. They feel sorry for me. They bear a vision of how I will be, with just a little polish and shine. Their house looks like a furniture brochure. I look like… Continue reading Foster Home #2: The Well Intended Couple

Remember These Things

I don’t know why I remember what I was wearing: tie-dye tank top and loose shorts past my knees no bra no shoes I went barefoot everywhere and that day the bus was empty I sat in the back just one long seat taking up too much space looking out the window smudged from greasy… Continue reading Remember These Things

A Letter to My Therapy Group

Dear Group, This illness has been my single most defining force, whether I wanted it to be or not. It has destroyed the last decade of my life, aged me beyond my years, worn me out and separated me from people I loved and from people who might've loved me back. It has always chosen… Continue reading A Letter to My Therapy Group

Excerpt from 2016 Pacific Crest Trail Journal

*Earlier this year, I backpacked 700 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail (A 2,660-mile trail from Mexico to Canada.) The plan was to hike the entire distance, but I did not make it. Here is a journal entry from Day 7. Interested in reading more?(Bonus: I met a nudist hiker a few weeks in) Day 1… Continue reading Excerpt from 2016 Pacific Crest Trail Journal

Pool Girl

The ad said: Wanted: Pool Girl Employer: MC Killa Cuddly Where: The Cuddly Mansion What: Do you have what it takes to live the big life? Can you rock a swimsuit? Ready to see and be seen? MC Killa Cuddly is on the prowl for a special girl to swim in his infinity pool. Mermaid… Continue reading Pool Girl


Seagulls whitewash the fences. Hotels rest on platforms above the ocean lit up like Disneyland, like the pirate ride right before you’re swept down to the depths.   Everyone is dressed like they’re at a convention. Tuxedoed waiters balance silver trays of finger sandwiches to serve strangers that stare in no direction or down at… Continue reading Monterey

It’s Time to Have an Uncomfortable Conversation With You

I wish there were a way I could talk to you. Somehow skirt around all the buzzwords and inflammatory memes. Avoid the phrases that cause you to relegate real events to political discussions, instead of arousing your sleeping sense of indignity at what is crushing the soul of our country and our humanity.  I want… Continue reading It’s Time to Have an Uncomfortable Conversation With You

The Story

“It was a cold, dark night,” he begins, and I stop him right away. “Wait, wait. Wait.” I say. “Yes?” “Are you kidding me? A cold, dark night?” It’s been months since Mark and I parted ways. He called me up late one evening and begged a get-together. Underneath his usual droll tone, I noticed… Continue reading The Story