Grievances, INC.

    Mary was the one who told me about Grievances, Inc. It was lunch break, and we were in the courtyard. Mary ordered the Rad Na from the ‘Noodles to Thai For’ food truck. I had my usual tuna sandwich. I was griping again about David from accounts receivable. Today, instead of leaning his… Continue reading Grievances, INC.

Independence Day

*This flash fiction was published by NANO Fiction Issue 10.1 in 2016   What is it about small towns, I wonder, eyeing the girls in daisy dukes, cautionary tales of meth and boredom. It’s Utah. It’s hot. The tow-truck drops us off at a roadside Motel. A dusty parking lot full of cracked up cars.… Continue reading Independence Day

Pool Girl

The ad said: Wanted: Pool Girl Employer: MC Killa Cuddly Where: The Cuddly Mansion What: Do you have what it takes to live the big life? Can you rock a swimsuit? Ready to see and be seen? MC Killa Cuddly is on the prowl for a special girl to swim in his infinity pool. Mermaid… Continue reading Pool Girl

The Story

“It was a cold, dark night,” he begins, and I stop him right away. “Wait, wait. Wait.” I say. “Yes?” “Are you kidding me? A cold, dark night?” It’s been months since Mark and I parted ways. He called me up late one evening and begged a get-together. Underneath his usual droll tone, I noticed… Continue reading The Story

Meanwhile, In Utah….

I hang up. “Beth, they’re coming to take our baby.” Beth at the sink, her shoulders slumped. “How can they do that?” “Our love scares them.” Her hands shake. Silverware clatters to the floor. “Shhhh. You’ll wake her.” Upstairs, tiny eyes open.        

The Slow Engulf

By evening, the flood was deep enough to overtake our second floor. The streets are now rivers. Earlier the Joneses' dog, Tidbit, floated by us looking like those polar bears on runaway icebergs. Meanwhile, the neighborhood waited helplessly on their rooftop islands.          

Does Brenda Planckett Have a Chance in This World?

Kissing Brenda was like kissing a wet dog, Jerry told me. When were you kissing a wet dog is what I wanted to know. “It was her tongue,” he informed. “It was all slobbery, and it didn’t do much. Just sat there like a lump while my tongue did all the somersaults and jumping jacks.… Continue reading Does Brenda Planckett Have a Chance in This World?

The Gift

Sara’s mother-in-law in the kitchen; upset. “How can this be? A home must have a coffee maker. Now I know your Christmas present!” “No, please don’t. I won’t use it. I go out for coffee. Really. Don’t.” Christmas morning. Coffee for all.          


I duck into the nearest bar. Have to lay low and sing small for a while. But a Karaoke fight breaks out. In the confusion, the DJ passes the microphone to me. “……but I did not shoot the Deputy…..” Damn. Cover blown.  


Her bag's packed, hidden under their bed. Stashed inside is money, a ticket and pretty red heels. Any day now. Any day. Decades later, sorting her things, I’ll find her dusty suitcase next to a shoe box filled with photographs of me.