Time Machine

  Remember Tic-Toc, the mechanical man from the Wizard of Oz? (Does Everything But Live.) He had to be wound up to operate, and eventually, his inner workings would slow down like a roulette wheel until he stopped; Stuck inside a frozen body. Looking out through unresponsive eyes; alive, but unmoving. Life in a tin… Continue reading Time Machine


Seagulls whitewash the fences. Hotels rest on platforms above the ocean lit up like Disneyland, like the pirate ride right before you’re swept down to the depths.   Everyone is dressed like they’re at a convention. Tuxedoed waiters balance silver trays of finger sandwiches to serve strangers that stare in no direction or down at… Continue reading Monterey

Both Hands

I hold the softest part of you with both hands. Will you hold this part of me with both hands? He threw himself off the bridge today. I hide my shame with both hands. Standing in the rain, do you remember what you said? Look them straight in the eye. Don’t cry. Use both hands.… Continue reading Both Hands

30 Quotes I Overheard at Panera

"I went to the Santa Cruz Beach, you know? And I saw one of those—what are they called? Those seals? Yeah! And it like jumped up all over the place and I was like, whoa!" "I love Richard, but he's in that category." "You're supposed to have toast too, aren't you? Good stuff, I like… Continue reading 30 Quotes I Overheard at Panera


OVERRATED: Sex, fame, charity, arena concerts, music, rockstars, any stars, auto-tuning, being shocking, pretty girls, talent, humour, finding the perfect look to represent who you are, tortured artists, college, plastic surgery, bleached teeth, bleeding hearts, saying “I don’t see color”, expensive cars, expensive anything, cruises, going somewhere significant just to take a picture of yourself… Continue reading OVERRATED


witness me. how brief how tragic a death magnet a sun already gone starry eyed with golden red locks of damsel distress and a need too big to feed greasy spoonfuls of neglect regrettable stains on her bib and dress fists and facts stack up and fall stack up and fall stack up and crawl… Continue reading Witness

Year of the Dog

(This is a kind of Found Poem using chronologically "found" dialogue from the movie, "Year of the Dog".) I hear my dog crying in your yard. Let’s get plastered! You need to get laid! When was the last time you got laid? What happened to your dog? He died. Ah, nuts! That’s a lot to… Continue reading Year of the Dog

Le Monstre Affamé

  the ocean foams at the mouth and rolls its tongue down the beach a fat man cleaning his teeth spraying debris along the shore rolling its tongue down the beach tasting sand and salty air spraying debris along the shore carving toothpicks from the driftwood tasting sand and salty air the one with a cracked sand… Continue reading Le Monstre Affamé

The Weight Of It

In sixth grade I had a teacher pull me aside and say, “You carry the weight of the world on your back,” and being what I am, I took it like a compliment, something for which I should feel proud. I didn’t understand he was saying, “Why are you so burdened? Why are you so… Continue reading The Weight Of It