(Listing) Fears of My Life

The red book with the scraggly drawings on the cover which is prominently displayed on my living room bookshelf is called Fears of Your Life, and it is written by Michael Bernard Loggins, list-maker extraordinaire. Inside is page after page of Loggin’s fears, plaintively laid out in a simple, bare-bones script that accentuates the earnestness… Continue reading (Listing) Fears of My Life

30 Quotes I Overheard at Panera

"I went to the Santa Cruz Beach, you know? And I saw one of those—what are they called? Those seals? Yeah! And it like jumped up all over the place and I was like, whoa!" "I love Richard, but he's in that category." "You're supposed to have toast too, aren't you? Good stuff, I like… Continue reading 30 Quotes I Overheard at Panera