The Story

“It was a cold, dark night,” he begins, and I stop him right away. “Wait, wait. Wait.” I say. “Yes?” “Are you kidding me? A cold, dark night?” It’s been months since Mark and I parted ways. He called me up late one evening and begged a get-together. Underneath his usual droll tone, I noticed… Continue reading The Story

Meanwhile, In Utah….

I hang up. “Beth, they’re coming to take our baby.” Beth at the sink, her shoulders slumped. “How can they do that?” “Our love scares them.” Her hands shake. Silverware clatters to the floor. “Shhhh. You’ll wake her.” Upstairs, tiny eyes open.        

Does Brenda Planckett Have a Chance in This World?

Kissing Brenda was like kissing a wet dog, Jerry told me. When were you kissing a wet dog is what I wanted to know. “It was her tongue,” he informed. “It was all slobbery, and it didn’t do much. Just sat there like a lump while my tongue did all the somersaults and jumping jacks.… Continue reading Does Brenda Planckett Have a Chance in This World?


The Walkie Talkie crackles. Joe’s voice sounds like he’s radioing me from the moon. “Meet me at the Panera.” He doesn’t say my name much, anymore. He doesn’t say “Hi” or “See ya later” anymore, either. Just directives. Go there. Get that. Watch out for the Green Slugs. Blah, blah. I would give my left… Continue reading Divorce